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By choosing to centralize your portfolio under Fidustars Corporate Services, instead of having Companies under various Administrative Service Providers, will prove to be beneficial for you or your corporate business. Here’s why:

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  • Time & cost efficiency: For instance, a Service Agreement that must be executed on behalf of two of your Companies will be reviewed once by the same person rather than having to be reviewed separately by each of the Administrators, in the case where the two Companies fall under different management. This will result in dramatic reductions in costs since it will help you avoid unnecessary expenses (double charges) and time, since there will be no need to travel around to different offices to retrieve documents.

  • Confidentiality: By consolidating your portfolio under one Administrative Service Provider, the compliance information relevant to Shareholders / Ultimate Beneficial Owners will only be made available to one Company, reducing any potential risk of disclosure.

  • Enhanced knowledge around your Companies’ dealings: One contact person (Relationship Manager) who is responsible for all of your Company’s structures will enable that individual to gain a greater understanding of your Companies’ affairs as well as provide a faster and more focused corporate Further, by acquiring a complete picture, you will enable us to provide two-sided advice on interrelated company transactions. It is especially useful when assessing the commercial feasibility of transactions involving groups of companies.

  • Alternative fee arrangement schemes: Our team is ready to discuss the best payment method and model for your business, while being flexible and innovative.

  • Fusion of academic and professional backgrounds: We are academically equipped and professionally qualified. Stemming from accounting and legal backgrounds, we are in a position to provide the highest caliber of corporate services under the same roof.

  • Infrastructure: Our operation has the necessary infrastructure to render high quality services, which meet your requirements and expectations. Our offices and building facilities are of high quality, we have professional databases, and of course, we have the appropriate personnel.

  • One-stop shop opportunities & advantages: corporate and commercial matters constitute the core of our practice. Our company has a dedicated corporate department responsible for the formation and administration of Cyprus entities. The department offers a one-stop shop facility to clients. In partnership with our associate law firm in Cyprus, G.C Charalambous & Co LLC, we can assist with all corporate, legal issues, and provide services and advice regarding all matters. By establishing this arrangement, we are able to provide clients with a-stop-shop service.

  • Personal professional relation: Our firm always dedicates a professional team to your affairs, assuring that all of your matters are handled with the utmost attention to detail and through a responsive, personal service. Meeting our clients in Cyprus is always a pleasure for us however, we may also fly to your location for a more personal encounter.

  • Experience: For more than 10 years, we have individually met the corporate needs of our clients.

  • Global Footprint: The wide range of jurisdictions in which we operate, which few of our competitors can match, offers our clients the luxury of having access to a wide range of associates and multi-jurisdictional support.

  • Pricing: It is our policy to provide services at a fair price. Upon your decision to transfer your Corporate Group under our portfolio and according to the number of Entities / services you may require, we will be happy to negotiate preferential rates.

  • Independence: We operate as an independent company, and we are not owned or indebted to any banking or financial services organization. We can therefore provide corporate & legal services that are impartial and unbiased.

  • Insurance: We maintain comprehensive professional liability insurance.


Bringing corporate documents to everyone.

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To be rendered as our Clients’ compass, leading them to the right legal direction in conducting their corporate affairs / business.

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